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Clean Energy Powers Music City

We're on a mission to make Nashville one of the most resilient cities in America. From what we're doing at NES to simple things you can do at home, learn how together we can go green while saving you some, too.


Building a better Nashville starts with a comprehensive and collaborative effort.

Whether it's making responsible decisions that help conserve energy or simply offering renewable alternatives, we're creating a more resilient future – for all of us. This isn't about following trends. It's about taking responsibility for the city we want to become – and with your help, we can get there, lowering our usage and your bills in the process. Discover how.


Reducing your energy use is simple

Manage Your Energy

Energy Management Made Simple

Use these helpful tools to gauge your current energy consumption and learn how you can start saving on your monthly utility bill.

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Learn About Credits and Rebates

Get Cash Back for Being Eco‑Friendly

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, both state and federal governments offer tax credit and rebate programs to help offset the cost of clean energy. Whether you switch to an electric vehicle or invest in home solar panels, be sure to take advantage of the incentives available to you.

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Rooftop Solar Credits

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Home Efficiency Rebates

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Clean Vehicle Tax Credit


A Commitment 
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